Interested in Deep learning/Molecular Biology/Quantitative Cell Biology.


How deep learning is revolutionising cell biology


All cellular processes are essentially continuous and usually subdivided into different phases / stages. This categorisation however conceals two important features about such processes: first, that each such phase does not represent a homogeneous monolith and that there is in fact a great deal of heterogeneity within any particular phase…


An intuitive guide to key building blocks


Aim of this article is to provide an intuitive understanding of the key layers in a convolution neural network. The idea is to go beyond simply stating the facts and exploring how image manipulation actually works.

The Objective

Suppose our aim is to train a deep learning network to successfully distinguish between…

The Complete Plotly Manual

Make charts that inspire / Part 01 : Towards tailor-made charts

In ancient Indian texts, explanation of philosophical concepts often begin by negating what that concept is not about. Utilizing a reoccurring phrase neti neti (meaning neither this nor that), the idea is that telling what something is not, is at least as important as explaining the actual meaning of that…

Aseem Kashyap

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